As the Headteacher of Northstead Community Primary School it is my purpose and role to ensure that our students and staff learn in a safe, happy, vibrant and nurturing environment. I hold a passionate and strong belief that education has the power to enhance every person’s life but also that every person has the right to receive the best education possible. I am dedicated to providing opportunities both in and out of the classroom for our students to experience, which enable them to achieve high academic standards and become positive, responsible and respectful members of our community.

My ambition for the school is developed through our own core values of Community, Opportunity, Responsibility and Excellence. All of which are underpinned by our nurturing, caring and supportive environment, which is designed to ensure children succeed and are the best that they can be.

I do hope you find our website informative and if you feel there is something else you’d like to know, please get in touch with us.