Headteacher Mr S. Hopper
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs S. Wilson
Assistant Headteacher
for Teaching and Learning
Mrs K. Clubley
Assistant Headteacher
for Curriculum and Progress
Mrs E. Linsdell
Assistant Headteacher
for Behaviour and Safeguarding
Mrs V. Valancius
Assistant Headteacher
for Inclusion
Mrs R. Viney
SENCo Mrs C. Helm
School Business Manager Mrs J. L. Mainprize
School Administrator Miss C. Atkinson
School Administrator Mrs C. Knipe-Bates
School Administrator Mrs K. Lambert
School Administrator Miss L. Tomlinson
Safeguarding & Welfare Officer Miss L. Roberts
Extended School Club Co-ordinator Mrs D. Murphy
School Site Manager Mr A. Houston
School Cook Mrs S. Banks
Cleaning Supervisor Mrs G. Cousin
Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs B. Nalton
ICT Technical Officer Mr N. Wormald
Early Years Foundation Stage
Class 1 Mrs Tindall
Class 2 Mrs Wright
Class 3 Mrs Pickup
Key Stage 1
Class 4 Mrs Marson
Class 5 Mrs Wilkins
Class 6 Mrs Carabine
Class 7 Mrs Pearson (Miss Richardson)
Class 8 Mrs Viney and Miss Johnson
Class 9 Miss Palmer
Lower Key Stage 2
Class 10 Mrs Robertson and Mrs Gunstone
Class 11 Miss Bell
Class 12 Mrs Dyson
Class 13 Mr Armstrong
Class 14 Mrs Young and Mrs Wanless
Class 15 Miss O’Connor
Upper Key Stage 2
Class 16 Miss Doolin
Class 17 Mrs Swales
Class 18 Mrs Hatton
Class 19 Mrs Clubley and Mrs Pateman
Class 20 Mrs Marsden and Miss Todd
Class 21 Mrs Waller